He started Sept. 1 and right away, Dr. Andrew Adams began performing surgeries and hasn't slowed down since.

"I have been kept busy since mid-September," Adams said on Wednesday. "I work in the OR and assist in the ER as well as take referrals and assist other doctor's when I am asked."

Adams came to Dodge City from San Antonio by way of Guyana, a small country in South America near Brazil and Venezuela.

He began medical school in the Caribbean in 2001 and practiced medicine for 4 years.

When he relocated to the US he did his residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

"I had a great teacher during my surgery residency and it was something I wanted to specialize in," Adams said. "I like working with my hands and surgery is very hands-on.

"It is something that you can fix the problem and get instant gratification whether it be dealing with a gall bladder problem or appendix.

"You can fix the problem manually and see the results right away and that they are manageable."

With moving from San Antonio to Dodge City, along with the weather changes, there were some other changes Adams had to get used to.

"It is real quiet and peaceful here," he said. "The pace is real slow and I had to get used to things being closed on Saturdays and Sundays."

New technology is always being introduced in the world of medicine and along with the basic surgery equipment, Adams is using the progressive tools available to him.

"The invasive surgery tools like laparoscopic and the cameras used for that type of surgery make the pain so much less," he said. "With less pain, the recovery time is quicker, the patient can begin walking quicker and it gives the patient more satisfaction."

One new technology that Adams is familiar but doesn't see coming to Dodge City at this time is that of robotic surgery.

"There are benefits to it but it is very expensive," he said. "I have trained on it and the cameras are better and the movements you make can be more precise but they are mainly used in more metropolitan areas with much larger hospitals.

"Plus, I like open surgery so I don't see myself taking up robotics."

Adams is also fluent in four languages such as English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

"I love learning new languages it's a hobby of mine," Adams said. "I admit I am not able to put the time in necessary to learn more but I know Spanish has been very helpful with my patients."

Adams will be located at 112 Ross Blvd. Suite E in Dodge City and will be working with Western Plains Medical Complex as well as offering general surgery services throughout southwest Kansas.

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