A new addition to downtown Dodge City is already making waves.

Red Beard Coffee opened its doors on Dec. 8 and already is seeing regulars.

"We definitely have people that come in here everyday," Red Beard owner Clinton Conant said. "And that is one of the goals of this place is to not just be about the coffee but also to have a great conversation and connect with people in some way."

Red Beard Coffee is located at 319 Gunsmoke Street in the old Brier and Hale Music store location.

Along with the coffee, Red Beard also sells mugs, T-shirts, coffee to make at home and pastries and muffins.

Conant is also the pastor of The Gathering church also located in downtown Dodge.

"The biggest thing as a pastor of The Gathering is that I wanted a community-style business that would connect people and build a community.

"That's what we're suppose to do as Christians is hands and feet and love people well."

That plan to open a coffee shop came in October Conant said, about a year after Brier and Hale had closed down.

"I kind of had my eye on it," Conant said, "but it wasn't available right away so I just watched things until a friend of mine called to ask if I was interested in the space because he just bought it.

"And I think people were ready for a new hangout and place to connect and unwind and we wanted to make it very comfortable for everyone.

"And we wanted to introduce a new coffee-culture that you would kind of see in a big city but also want the coffee to be good, with great hometown service and kindness.

"You come in, get a cup of coffee and the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting."

Red Beard Coffee runs a simple menu according to Conant but also take the time and technique to make the taste of every cup the way you would want it.

"We want people to be able to spend their hard earned money on something they want," Conant said. "We want you to get what you paid for."

As for the name of the coffee place, once you meet Conant you will easily understand.

"I had the beard for 6 years," he said. "I was growing it about 6-8 months before my first child was born but have had it at this length for 6 years now."

Along with the beard, the Red Beard Coffee logo also comes with a lone eye patch and red beard placed on the T-shirts and the coffee place.

"It was my play persona with my kids," Conant said. "We were playing Captain Red Beard Shovel Hand and I would use a kid shovel as a hand as we played pirates, so when I first started dreaming about the shop I thought of the eye patch and the beard and loved the name.

"That is what it's about, it's family-first and I like the idea of being imaginative.

"It's fun imagining things and being child-like."

For non-coffee drinkers don't worry, there are teas and hot chocolate available as well.

"I think the hot chocolate is just as popular as the coffee," Conant said. "People really seem to be enjoying it a lot and that's great to see and hear."

Red Beard Coffee is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

On Saturday its open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Sunday.

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