This is the final story on the events of 2017.

The annual 3i SHOW ran from Oct. 12-15 at Western State Bank Expo Center.

3i SHOW president Eddie Estes opened this year’s ceremonies with a ribbon cutting that featured Ford County commissioners, Dodge City officials as well as Kansas Senator Bud Estes and Kansas Representative Brad Ralph among other community members.

It also marked the last time the 3i SHOW will be held in October for the foreseeable future.

It was announced recently that the 3i SHOW will have a quick turn around as their 2018 event will be from March 22-24.

To apply for exhibition or for further information, contact the 3i Show at 620-227-8082 or visit their website at

During a Ford County Commission meeting in December, the Ford County Sheriff’s Office were approved to receive body cameras.

The cameras will be worn by officers that are out in the field as extra safety and additional evidence tools that can be used in cases.

The commission approved the purchase of 16 body cameras to be used by the Ford County Sheriff's Office.

"We went through several businesses that have body cameras and decided to reach out to Motorola," Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr said during the meeting. "I liked how they had a microphone as well as the camera conjoined with the system.

"They also have a still-camera feature and it matches up with our RMS system for case files."

In October, the Crime Stoppers program in Dodge City came to an end.

"Funding was an issue along with low membership," Dodge City Crime Stoppers president Stanna Unruh said at the time of the announcement. "We also struggled to get members to join the board and had low attendance at our meetings.

"We tried going from monthly meetings to quarterly to see if that would increase our numbers but it didn't work out."

Crime Stoppers was started in 1982 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and it is a hotline set up for citizens to be able to give crime tips with a possible reward given for the information.

"The reward-based program was not performing but for a few people working the program to turn in others with petty warrants and then soaking up the funding," Dodge City Police Chief Drew Francis said.

"Most of our useful tips now come in via Facebook or tips411."

And in November, Salsa Man was set up at his new home at 3rd Avenue and Vine Street next to SMH Consultants and Dodge City Brewing.

"Originally, the Carnegie Center for the Arts considered this location for the giant Hopper statue," special projects coordinator Melissa McCoy said. "However, that project was unable to come to fruition.

"Then, after some time in storage Salsa Man was placed behind Cup of Jones Coffee Shop on Wyatt Earp Boulevard as a temporary location.

"SMH Engineering became familiar with the statue when it was at this location and became interested in creating a small art park on their property just north of their office building.

"They approached the Carnegie about placing the statue there and the board of directors agreed. SMH also approached the city about placing the Stan Herd murals that are owned by the city there as well and the city agreed.

"When it came time to move the statue it became evident that repairs were needed and the Carnegie contracted with Inga Ojala, an artist specializing in fiberglass work to do the repairs which are now complete."

Salsa Man is owned by the Dodge City Area Arts Council and has a similar statue called Mobil Man that has been set up in Haskell County.

Crews from public works and parks and recreation along with Victory Electric moved and erected the statue.

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