In another hit to the retail community, it was announced recently that the rue21 clothing store, located at 2503 Central Ave. Suite A, in Dodge City, will be closing its doors on Jan. 21.

The clothing chain had filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2017 where it closed 400 stores nationwide.

The Globe had reported at the time of the bankruptcy announcement that stores in Hays, Salina and Emporia had also closed in April.

According to the rue21 website, rue21, Inc. filed a voluntary petition for reorganization under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, and has entered into agreements with certain of its lenders to reduce the Company’s debt and provide additional capital in support of its restructuring.

rue21 expects to continue normal business operations in the ordinary course throughout this process.

The restructuring is an important step forward in rue21’s ongoing business transformation into a more focused and highly performing retailer.

The website also indicated the closing of the 400 stores and also mention that, "rue21 may evaluate additional store closings as it continues to manage its real estate lease portfolio."

The website press release goes on to say that, subject to court approval, the company has also reached agreements to obtain up to $175 million in debtor-in-possession financing, including $50 million in new capital, which is intended to provide the company with the liquidity necessary to support its ongoing business operations during the financial restructuring process.

Other sources have indicated that the rue21 in Garden City has already closed its doors.

Attempts to reach the corporate office of rue21 went unanswered.

For local residents, the closing of rue21 is a bitter pill.

"I hate it," Deanne Rogers from Dodge City said. "We finally had a nice place to shop for clothes besides Walmart and then they're going to close it."

Brandi Goracke from Bucklin said, "I am really sad. I could go find a nice outfit for a reasonable price anytime.

"I especially liked the summer dresses, etc. It just seems like whenever there is something good in town it just dries up."

Goracke went to say that she would stop at rue21 on days she was in town for work.

"Conveniently it was on my way home and was my go-to clothing shop," she said.

Dawn Meredith of Dodge City added, "It's the only store I could shop for my teenagers and myself for a reasonable price and all of us find something we love.

"Super unhappy about it."

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