There were only a few items on the agenda for the first Ford County Commission meeting of 2018.

Of those items, all went towards Ford County Fire and EMS.

The commissioners first approved the purchasing of a new 2018 Ford F550 Type I Modular Ambulance for $225,314 from Osage Industries.

"We start looking at replacement vehicles in around March and have them ready to be put up for bid in November," Ford County Fire Chief Robert Boyd said. "We went out to bid for the new ambulance and sent out four bid packages and only received one bid back.

"There was a trade-in for $1,500 and the trade-in we were looking to get rid of was for a 2003 Ford F450 four-wheel drive chassis on a remounted Horton box.

"The box itself is a 1996 model.

"Our history on trading in chassis's at least locally, we think we would see a lot better return if we just took the box off and used the chassis to trade them in on another vehicle.

"So our recommendation is to go with the full amount of the $225,314 and keep the trade-in and use it later on in the year to trade out a pick up."

The commission approved the new ambulance purchase unanimously.

The commissioners also approved a software update for county fire and EMS.

"Currently we use two different software's out at the fire station to do reports," Boyd said. "One is used for the fire side, the other for EMS.

"The EMS system we currently use is a web-based system so we have very little issues but the fire software that we use is stored on the server here (Ford County Government Center) and just allowing us to upgrade would take us off the server which would take us under one software with one software company that would take care of everything from A-Z for us.

Boyd said the price for the first year of the software would be for $19,200 then every year after that would be based upon the run volume of calls fire and EMS is called out to.

"The cost would be based off a 3 percent increase off of how many reports you do," Boyd said. "We feel this would be a huge improvement and streamline our operation for more reliable service."

Following the Ford County Commission meeting the county held a Fire District meeting where Boyd asked the commission to approve the purchase of a 2018 Freightliner pumper/tanker truck that would be placed at the firehouse in Bucklin.

"The truck would be for a 3,000-gallon pumper tanker that would replace a tanker that is a 1983 Mack," Boyd said. "The pumps would be for the residents in the area to get the credit for the ISO rating with a big pump.

"The tender would be for 1,000-gallons-per-minute, this new one is spec for that because that area down there should help when we do our next ISO test."

County Chairman Shawn Tasset asked Boyd to explain what the ISO is and how it is necessary.

"Insurance comes out every 5 years and they come out and look at our equipment," Boyd said. "They look at our training, they look at how much water can we pump per 2-hour or 3-hour period time, how do we fill the water, what is our best water sources, things like that.

"So your home insurance in the middle of nowhere is based off how quick we can get to you and how much water we bring when we go."

The bids went out to four different companies with two that responded back with bids but according to Boyd, only one bid was up to specifications needed.

"The bid cam from Danko Emergency Equipment for $281,193," Boyd said. "There will not be a trade-in because we are going to keep the '83 Mack as a backup and if we don't get any moisture, we're gonna need it."

All approvals were made with a 2-0 vote.

Ford County Commissioner Chris Boys was not present at the meeting and did not vote.

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