New Year’s resolutions are in the planning stages and Community Recycling Environmental Waste would like to encourage recycling to be on the list.

There is quite a number of items that can be recycled with CREW including newspaper (and inserts), corrugated cardboard boxes (shipping), paperboard (cereal/cake boxes), mixed paper (junk mail), magazines/catalogs, aluminum beverage cans, steel/tin cans, glass bottles/jars, HDPE #2 colored plastic (soap), HDPE #2 plastic (milk, water), PETE #1 plastic bottles (soda/water).

You can check the bottom of plastic containers to determine the recycling number.

The items listed above are processed by category so that CREW can sell a marketable product to the recycling market that are then made into new products.

As much presorting by the homeowner is desirable but not required.

One of the biggest concerns when recycling is contamination, especially by food waste.

If paper products are contaminated in the recycle trailers at the Civic Center with food waste and become saturated, it might be necessary to take the trailer to the landfill for disposal which is a waste for those who may have recycled properly.

Other items, which need to be disposed of in your polykart or trash bin, that are not accepted at CREW are: Styrofoam packaging and packing peanuts, bubble wrap, plastics #3-7 and plastic bags.

Plastic bags can be dropped off at Dillon’s and Wal-Mart.

Please do not bring the unwanted items as it is time consuming to be sorting the items that go in the trash from the items that can be recycled.

Because of the volume created by commercial business, it is suggested that they drop off items at the recycle center, 716 E. Military.

The staff at the recycle center are available to help unload vehicles for anyone needing assistance.

If there are questions about recycling, stop by the recycle center at 716 E. Military during regular business hours and ask for a refrigerator magnet with the list of acceptable items, call 225-8170 or go to the website – Public Works - CREW.