Jan Stevens is wearing a lot of hats these days.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau director was recently named to the executive committee to the Travel Industry Association of Kansas.

"I have been involved in TIAK for 10 years," Stevens said. "I had done some committee work and been the chair of a few different committees over the years.

"Getting on the executive committee is a move up the ladder if you agree to continue progression.

"They are an interesting organization which is a one-stop-shop for all things tourism in the state of Kansas."

According to the TIAK website, the purpose of the Travel Industry Association of Kansas is to speak with one voice for the travel industry in the State of Kansas, promoting and supporting all components of the travel industry and travel development field.

"We are pleased to welcome the 2018 slate of board members and officers to TIAK, and appreciate the efforts of the tourism professionals that have contributed so much to our industry in years’ past," said TIAK executive director, Marlee Carpenter in a press release. "We look forward to working with a diverse Board to advance the power of travel in Kansas."

Some of the benefits to TIAK, Stevens said, was the networking opportunities.

"The different entities that handle tourism are important throughout the state," she said. "There are bed and breakfasts, hotels and CVB's that all can come together for travel and tourism, encompassing the entire voice of tourism across the state.

"If one group is having some issues or concerns with tourism they have the organization that can help.

"They are a great organization to belong to with tourism investments.

"It is all volunteer with the exception of a few paid executives and lobbyists for the tourism industry who really do a lot of the heavy lifting for the industry, individuals and organizations that are part of tourism."

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