T-Mobile is bringing its network to Dodge City.

The company announced recently that they will be setting up their new 600 MHz wireless spectrum to be ready some time this year.

The spectrum will be the lead-in for the company to launch new phones this year that will be on the new spectrum.

"Since the beginning of last year we’ve opened 10 new stores in Kansas, though we haven’t announced plans for a location in Dodge City," said Sam Bratton, T-Mobile director of sales for its Heartland market, which includes all of Kansas. "For the time being, the closest T-Mobile locations are in Wichita.

"On the network side, our plan to deploy 600 MHz spectrum was underway after we secured a nationwide swath of it from the FCC auction in April 2017, and we announced our initial plans to launch 600 MHz spectrum in select markets in August 2017."

"As far as our retail plans for Dodge City, we haven’t announced that yet.

"When we enter a new market, we’re bringing a new choice for consumers who have felt trapped by AT&T and Verizon, and customers are switching to us.

"Since we began rapidly expanding our 4G LTE network, we’ve grown from 33 million customers to more than 70 million today, and added at least 1 million customers every quarter for the past 4 and a half years.

"When our nationwide 5G network is expected to roll out in 2020 it will utilize the 600 MHz spectrum that will already be in use.

"In addition to having the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network more than 3 years in a row, according to Speedtest.net and Open Signal, we’re able to differentiate by offering benefits no one else does, like unlimited plans with monthly taxes and fees included so the price customers see is the price they get.

"Customers with two or more lines on a qualifying T-Mobile one plan also get a standard subscription to Netflix at no additional cost.

"We thank our customers with free stuff every Tuesday and help them stay connected while abroad with unlimited text and data roaming, and low flat-rate calling in more than 140 countries and destinations."

Members of the T-Mobile staff also indicated that if and when a retail location in Dodge City is to take place, it will make the announcement accordingly.

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