Momentarily on Wednesday, the Ford County Government Center had to be be evacuated when there was a report of a small fire in the storm water runoff near the intersection of Gunsmoke Street and Central Avenue.

"We briefly evacuated the government center because we were not sure if the fire was contained or the extent to which it was active," Ford County Administrator J.D. Gilbert said."That evacuation included the Emergency Communications department.

"The fire did not actually involve the government center so the evacuation was a precautionary measure."

According to Gilbert, the Dodge City Fire Department cleared the location after approximately 20 minutes and the government center was re-opened for normal business.

"We are not completely sure what started the fire," Gilbert said, "but the common thought is that a discarded cigarette made its way into the runoff and ignited leafy debris."

No injuries or damage was reported to have occurred.

During the evacuation, all emergency radio traffic was diverted to Gray County.

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