Have books you are afraid to return because they are overdue? Don’t want to use the library because you have old fines you can’t pay? Lost your library card and don’t want to pay for a replacement?

Listen up.

The Dodge City Public Library wants you back in the library and back to enjoying the thousands of great books, movies, and other resources available at the library.

To make this happen the library is offering a special promotion Jan. 15 through Feb. 17. The special program is called the Baby Come Back: Fine Forgiveness Program.

Every item, no matter how long overdue, will be checked in and overdue fines will be forgiven.

Even old overdue fines will be forgiven if borrowers come into the library and update their contact information with a staff member at the checkout desk.

Replacement library cards, which usually cost $5, will also be re-issued free of charge during the promotion.

Charges for items never returned are not a part of the program.

However, designated staff members have been authorized to work with library users with lost items to help them clear their account fines.

These staff members are willing to accept a discounted payment, seek other replacement options, waive all processing fees, and even allow patrons to volunteer to work off their fines.

If you have lost items on your account, now is the time to take care of it.

The goal of the Baby Come Back promotion is to forgive and reconnect with long-lost users and recover outstanding items.

"Access is one of Dodge City Public Library’s core values and we are committed to eliminating barriers to accessing important library resources and services," said Brandon Hines, Director of the Dodge City Public Library. "Access to books is vital to literacy development, and there is nothing more important to us than to see children and patrons of all ages checking out and reading books."

The library has 125,000 books in the collection and checks out nearly 160,000 items annually.

For more information, visit the library at 1001 N. 2nd Avenue, call 620-225-0248, or email brandonh@dcpl.info.