Dodge City Commissioner and Region V long-term care ombudsman Jan Scoggins has been named the 2017 Woman of the Year by the Dodge City Area Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

According to Scoggins, a special committee selects the Woman of the Year and the criteria used in the selection is based on proven leadership and accomplishments of the submitted nominees.

"I was incredibly and deeply touched by being selected for this prestigious honor and I have been overwhelmed with the positive comments and notes supporting me as the Woman of the Year recipient for 2017," Scoggins said. "It is very humbling and at the same time, very validating to have my work and past achievements valued and recognized."

Dating back to the first award given in 1986 when it was at that time called the Athena Award, Scoggins joins other women who have been selected to receive this honor.

The Dodge City Area Women’s Chamber changed the designation from the Athena Award to the Woman of the Year award in 2005.

The selection of Scoggins was based on her past and continued dedication of service to others and for encouraging women of southwest Kansas to attain their full leadership potential, according to Scoggins.

Since 1959, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has been known for its volunteer work in the community and their benevolence to the southwest Kansas area through community service grants, college scholarships and other awards.

Scoggins will be officially recognized by the Chamber of Commerce during its annual banquet on Feb. 24.

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