In the rotation for Dodge City Mayor, city commissioners voted to elect Commissioner Kent Smoll to replace Rick Sowers as mayor.

Smoll was the Dodge City Vice Mayor.

Commissioners also voted Commissioner Jan Scoggins as the new vice mayor.

In city business, commissioners approved a contract pending legal review, to sell natural gas from the upcoming biofuel facility to OCI Fuels Limited for $12 per Mmbtu.

"This agreement is another agreement for sale of biogas from the Warrior Project," city director of engineering Ray Slattery said. "OCI is a European company that will take the gas from the Warrior Project and send it down to Beaumont, Texas, where it will be converted to methanol, put it on a ship and ship it to the Netherlands and use the methanol as a fuel blend to meet their clean air requirements.

"This is a stepping stone between now and when we get EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification on the facility, we already have an agreement with Kwik Trip to buy our gas once we have EPA certification and we have an agreement with World Fuel Systems to buy the gas up until this agreement is approved.

"Once this agreement goes into effect, the World Fuel Systems agreement will go away.

"The previous agreement was for $3/Mmbtu, so you can see that this is a much higher rate. That's why we are moving this direction."

Commissioners also approved the 2018 Legislative Policy for the city, that the city will share with representatives throughout the state.

All approvals were made unanimously with a 4-0 vote.

Smoll was absent from the meeting and did not vote.

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