The 2018 Winter Expo saw a first in its history.

"The weather service came in on Saturday and told us that due to the (US government) shutdown they only had 4 hours to take everything down and be gone," Rocking M general Manager Josh Roesener said. "Apparently when the government employees are furloughed in a shutdown they are given time to wrap things up and turn off the lights, hence the 4 hours."

Aside from the government issues, the rest of the Winter Expo kept vendors happy, according to Roesener.

"Attendance over all was down a bit, but it was still a good show," he said. "Most vendors we're happy and had good sales.

"The gun show has been and continues to be a minor draw. The car show, in it's second year, is also bringing in a lot of people, the local singers and dancers were also a good draw for people."

The show ran from Friday through Sunday with Saturday's warm weather, according to Roesener, as another factor that had the attendance numbers low.

"I think the warm weather kept some people away because they were outside enjoying the weather instead of coming to the expo," he said. "Over all it was a success, new and returning vendors we're very happy with the show, we were too.

"Even if the crowd was a bit down, most people said sales were on par with previous years."

The annual trade show has been organized by Rocking M Media since it started in 2013 and has been a fixture in Dodge City ever since.

"Big thanks to the area folks for supporting us and continuing to come to the show each year," Roesener said. "Special thanks to the great vendors that come out.

"We had many returning and several new ones as well.

"All in all it was a great weekend, we at Rocking M Media are pleased and we are on for next year."

The next Rocking M Media event will be HorseThief the Festival.

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