The Dodge City Community College Student Activity Center continues upgrading its facility since its launch almost 2 years ago.

On Wednesday, the DCCC athletic department received a donation from Phillips Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center of $25,000 to go towards updating the athletic department equipment.

"Dr. Phillips is an alumnus of Dodge City Community College and was knowledgable that the equipment was worn out," Phillips Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center clinical director Darrell Roths said.

"It was a way for him to give back to the community because he wants everyone to be proud of the community and the community college to make it an upstanding college that takes care of its athletes and the up and coming trainers from there."

In his 13 years with DCCC, DCCC athletic trainer Brian Harvey said this is the first time someone was able to make this type of donation towards the athletic department.

"We had worked with Dr. Phillips over the summer with the Dodge City Law," Harvey said. "When he took over as the athletic trainer for the team we assisted with him so we had built a relationship over that.

"Then this summer I get a call out of nowhere saying that a donation was being made towards the college and I was blindsided, but in a good way."

Some of the equipment was for new taping tables to go in at the student activity center as well as a new electric stimulation and ultrasound machine, new rehabilitation tools, new soft-tissue tools and a physical therapy weight set.

"We still have most of our overall equipment in the main training room," Harvey said, "but with as small of an area we have here, the new equipment will be used mostly for the basketball and volleyball teams.

"We don't need a ton of stuff in this small of an area but this new equipment makes a world of a difference with the look on this place which is something we can all be proud of.

"I am ecstatic for this to have happened."

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