The prime event every Dodge City Days is the Dodge City Roundup Rodeo.

Participants come from all over the world to compete for that championship belt buckle.

Christian children's author Tonya Andrews, from Larned, attended her first Dodge City Days Rodeo last year and was immediately taken by what she was seeing.

"I was watching Mr. Wacey Munsell (Dodge City Roundup Rodeo bullfighter), it was the Aug. 6 rodeo, and there was a point in the rodeo where he went down," Andrews said, "and the announcer said to everybody, 'We need you all to pray because I don't see Wacey Munsell go down, this is serious.'

"And you know maybe it was a little bit rodeo but that inspired me and I couldn't get the story written down fast enough.

"God was giving me this inspiration about the rodeo clown."

The book, The Life of a Rodeo Clown, is now available on and

"My author name is Ann Drews," Andrews said. "And with the rodeo series, 10 percent of the sales for each of the books will go to organizations or charities.

"The first will be to Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund per the suggestion of Mr. Munsell."

Andrews, is the author of three previous books as part of her Willow Tree series.

"The first three were released just last year," Andrews said, "So this is the first book of my next series.

"All the books are Christian children's books and the first series about the willow tree which is significant to God and this rodeo series will be about all the people in the rodeo, it'll be a book per person that is in the rodeo."

The series will have infinite possibilities, Andrews said.

The next few books could consist of the bull rider, the announcer, the barrel racer among many others that are involved with all things rodeo.

"There could be 15-20 of them by the time I'm done," Andrews said. "I go big or go home."

The next book according to Andrews will be about the rodeo family.

"I know the Gardiner's from Ashland who own Gardiner's Angus Ranch," Andrews said. "I worked with Amanda Gardiner in the 1990s and I have watched them through rodeoing, they do cutting and barrel racing and such and I have watched them as a family stay together in God no matter what happens.

"So that epitome of family and the rodeo family leaning on God to get through life as well as leaning on each other as well."

With the instant inspiration put out by the Roundup Rodeo, Andrews will be attending the rodeo once again this year.

"Absolutely will be going back," she said. "And I hope I can run in to Mr. Munsell and hand him his signed copy."

To get your copy of Life of a Rodeo Clown or the books in the Willow Tree series, visit or

"Also, my Facebook page is author Ann Drews," Andrews said. "It has my website link on it.

"If anyone would buy my books and want them signed, they can contact me."

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