Improvements for the Central Avenue and University Drive intersection were tabled during the city commission meeting on Monday.

The improvement called for widening of the south curb of University Drive by 4 feet to install a designated left turn lane for east and west bound traffic.

However, Commissioner Brian Delzeit raised concerns regarding on-street parking for the homeowners between University Drive and Avenue A.

"I see the necessity of the improvement but didn't know it would take away the on-street parking," Delzeit said. "That would take parking away from the whole block on the south side."

The low bid for the improvement came from Building Solutions for $109,110.75 and is under the engineer's budget of $150,000.

Commissioners would have 30 days to approve the bid as it stands.

Commissioner Rick Sowers also said that for homeowners, "Why buy a house if you can't park in front of it."

Commissioners also indicated that the homes along the south side of University Drive that would be affected, do have driveways but also stated that if on-street parking is taken away, it would be difficult for those visiting the homeowners to have viable parking if the on-street parking is no longer an option.

"It could really complicate things for reselling the property," Delzeit said, "especially if people have company over.

"Again I understand what needs to happen but that is a real concern I cannot vote yes on that."

The commissioners approved to table the intersection improvement until the next city commission meeting on Feb. 19 to allow city staff to bring additional options with the guidelines of trying to keep on-street parking in some form along the south side of University Drive off of Central Avenue.

Commissioners also approved a revision to a consulting agreement with PEC Consultants for the design of a sampling basin and force main basin to have separate sewer flow between the city and National Beef Processors.

The revision will also be for video inspection equipment to perform inspections of the sewer flow.

"The original agreement did not include the costs of a field survey and geotechnical investigation along the project to design and provide easier flow measurements," director of engineering Ray Slattery said. "The contract would add $25,100 as well as $7,150, to Mayer Specialty Services to perform the video inspections to the original contract with PEC Consultants."

Commissioners also agreed to settle a 2016 dispute for surcharges with National Beef Processors for future waste water billing.

Per the agreement the city will credit NBP based on constituents found in the waste water.

The credit will be for $448,085 with 25 percent going to the waste water bill and 75 percent credited upon completion of the sampling basin and force main basin.

Commissioners also approved the appointments and reappointments to several city boards and commissions.

Troy Brown was named to the HorseThief Reservoir Board replacing Cherise Tieben.

The Airport Advisory Board, appointed Bob Groth and reappointed RaeAnna Bolmer, Jeff Hutton, Steve Durant and Paul Yaroslaski.

For the Building Board of Appeals, Winston Hines was appointed with Mike Weber, Eli Cook and Leonard Bockleman reappointed.

Michael Burns was reappointed to the Community Facilities Advisory Board.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau appointed Meranda Reyes for hospitality and reappointed Beth Rhoten for at-large.

The Cultural Relations Advisory Board appointed Ashley Flores who will represent Cargill; the reappointment of Robert Vinton who will represent USD 443 and Tara Burkhart who will represent the Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Stanley will fill the vacancy for Dodge City Planning Commission with Jim Lembright and Laura Meade reappointed.

Ron Herman will be reappointed to the Gold Advisory Board.

Dana Williamson will fill vacancy for Historic Landmark Commission with Charles Meade, Darleen Clifton-Smith and Doug Austen reappointed.

Sarah Doll-Heeke was reappointed to the Housing Authority Board.

Hailey Zimmerman and Beth Love were reappointed to the Library Board.

Elise Stuckey was appointed to the Recycling Advisory Board and Melissa Rodriguez was reappointed to the Santa Fe Trail Community Corrections Board.

All approvals were made unanimously.

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