Students, professors and local officials were on hand at 1521 Mulberry Circle on Wednesday to give a tour of the housing progress being done through the Dodge City Community College building trades program and the Community Housing Association of Dodge City.

According to special projects coordinator Mollea Wainscott, the housing development begin in September 2017 with construction getting underway in October 2017.

"The house will be a three-bedroom with an unfinished basement with a garage," DCCC freshman Renee Cardenas said during the tour. "Five freshman students and eight sophomores worked on the project.

"The roof and ceilings were the more hectic and difficult parts of the process."

Funding for the project was made through a grant from the Moderate Income Housing by the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation.

"The students will build the entire house from framing to finishing, they also get to experience HVAC, plumbing and electrical by working with the licensed contractors," Wainscott said. "This partnership allows the students to learn energy efficiency, code compliance and working conditions.

"Building a new home in an existing neighborhood encourages the neighboring owners to improve their homes and yards.

"I have seen this firsthand during our first new build.

The neighbor replaced broken windows and spruced up the visual appeal of the yard.

"The home will have to be sold to a moderate-income citizen, there is an income range but it is a huge income range what the state is considering moderate. Which is good for us because that is a broader range of people who can buy."

The tour was met with many of the family members of the students taking in what their college students have been able to achieve so far.

"Framing began in late September early October," said Pat Shiew, DCCC professor of building/construct tech. "Our students are working along side the contractors, electrical and plumbing.

"I feel like we're pushing pretty hard right now and wish we had a little more time so the students can absorb it a little bit better but the weather was never an issue for us.

"We hope to be complete by late April before school is out to be ready to put it on the market."

The Mulberry Circle house marks the second home built in Dodge City through the DCCC and CHAD program.

The first was completed in 2016 at the corner of Avenue K and Elm Street.

All proceeds of the sale of the home is reinvested into another build through the CHAD program.

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