"I'm not aware of anything like it in my 27 years," Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr said.

Carr is referring to the March 1 arrests of more than 43 people in Dodge City, Bucklin and Ford, in one of the biggest drug arrests in Ford County history.

According to Carr, suspects have been charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and aggravated child endangerment.

Those who were arrested were: Cody Blevins, 26; Leonardo Vasquez, 48; Jesse J. Goracke, 34, Roxanne R. Dickerman, 34; Aarika M. Ringwald, 29; Jeremy W. Ochoa, 29; Bryan Chapman, 49; Tyler S. Dirks, 31; Tyler J. Frost, 30; Cara E. Keilman, 24; Frederick P. Wilson, 56; Angelica Torres, 26; Emily N. Sherman, 32; Samantha C. Bishop, 24; Theron J. Lees, 59; Alexis Vongsakda-Vargas, 20; Kristi A. Johnson, 32; Mariah K. Boutz, 20; Gustavo Flores, 26; Hunter D. Armstrong, 19; Darious W. Beard, 25; Guadalupe D. Amaro, 36; Shilo S. Burns, 24; Justin N. Littrel, 37; Cameron J. Meredith, 18; A.T. Sanchez-Lopez, 18; Max Sanchez, 27; Adrian Stramel, 29; Marcos Delarosa, 30; Sean M. Wedel, 27; Rossy Rodriguez, 23 and Sean T. Osborn, 44.

Carr said that a Chasity Dougherty, unknown age at this time, was arrested after the March 1 arrests related to the distribution charges.

Those arrested on unrelated charges to the bust were: Joshua Ingles, 26; Elaine L. Gilbert, 42; Stephanie R. Roth, 34; Greg A. Schuette, 25; Jarrett D. Kuck, 34; Heather N. Ketterman, 32; Daniel Ketterman, 40; Sonya C. Allen, 53; Vernon Faulkner, 28; Monique Sanchez, 18 and Monty A. Williams, 52.

Carr added that large quantities of methamphetamine were seized along with small amounts of marijuana and weapons.

"This is definitely an eye opener," Carr said. "There are still arrests that will be made moving forward."

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