The asphalt roadway approaches of 14th Ave. and 6th Ave. to U.S. 50 will receive a 2-inch mill and inlay starting Monday, March 12.

Klotz Sand will start the milling operations at 14th Ave. Monday morning and then proceed to 6th Ave.

It is anticipated to take two days to mill both intersections.

After milling and until the new asphalt surface is in place there will be a small drop-off as you travel on 14th Ave. and 6th Ave. at the U.S. 50 intersections. No work will be done to U.S. 50.

Klotz Sand plans to place the asphalt surface course starting Wednesday, March 14 on 14th Ave. and on Thursday, March 15 on 6th Ave.

Placement of pavement markings will take place Thursday and Friday, March 15 and 16.

As part of the project, pavement markings will be installed on the east leg of Soule Street at the 14th Ave. intersection, the 14th Ave. and 6th Ave. approaches to U.S. 50, and the north approach of Central Avenue to U.S. 50.

Traffic will be narrowed to one lane in each direction on the roadways when work is taking place. There may be some minor delays on U.S. 50 at 14th Ave. and 6th Ave. as work is taking place.

Please be aware of the construction zone, workers, and obey all traffic control signs.

With your cooperation, the contractor should move through the project quickly. Work should not be taking place at both intersections at the same time; so if possible use the intersection where work is not being done.