CIMARRON - Cimarron City Library will host Foam on the Range, a presentation and discussion by Dr. Isaias J. McCaffery on Friday, March 23 at 6:15 p.m. at the Cimarron City Library located at 120 N. Main Street.

This presentation is the library’s second annual After Hours At the Library.

Tickets are $10 and must be purchased in advance.

Contact Candi or Sara at the Library, 620-855-3808, for more information and to purchase tickets.

This program is made possible by the Kansas Humanities Council.

After Hours At the Library will have refreshments and musical guests John and Connie Chavez.

The event is also co-sponsored by Boot Hill Distillery, that will be providing samples for our audience.

The program will begin at 7 p.m.

Kansas was on the forefront of the temperance movement, and eventually became the first state to prohibit alcohol consumption. This enforced abstinence clashed with the many German, Czech, and other immigrant groups who had settled across the state.

In fact, anti-immigrant prejudice helped drive support for prohibition in some areas. In response, ethnic communities frequently violated prohibition laws in an effort to preserve an important expression of cultural identity.

McCaffery is a history professor at Independence Community College and is past president (and a present board member) of the Kansas Association of Historians.

He authored "Wi Leahre Plautdietsch: A Beginner’s Guide to Mennonite Low German," which was published in 2009.

"During the 1800’s the consumption of alcohol became associated with immigrant cultures, at a time in which native-born citizens often perceived foreigners as potential threats to American morality," said McCaffery. "To many ethnic Kansans, hysterical rhetoric concerning the evil that lurked in a mug of beer or a glass of wine seemed nothing short of ludicrous."

Foam on the Range is part of the Kansas Humanities Council’s Kansas Stories Speakers Bureau, featuring presentations and discussions that examine our shared human experience — our innovations, culture, heritage and conflicts.

The Kansas Humanities Council conducts and supports community-based programs, serves as a financial resource through an active grant making program, and encourages Kansans to engage in the civic and cultural life of their communities.

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