For more than 50 years, the Gaither Vocal Band has been spreading the message into a Grammy-winning Gospel powerhouse.

They will be performing at United Wireless Arena on April 7.

The band was started by Bill Gaither and his wife Gloria and have traveled the world playing venues such as Carnegie Hall and Sydney Opera House.

"We started when we were first married," Bill Gaither said on Tuesday. "We were teaching school at the time so we would play on weekends and sometimes the school would let us leave on a Friday."

Gloria Gaither's father was a minister in Michigan and both began their signing in church.

"Lot's of conservative churches give opportunities for young people to sing in church," Bill Gaither said. "You see people on The Voice and most of them started singing in church.

"The Christian Church, with its art and music is a great place early on for people to develop their windpipes."

Since its start, Bill and Gloria grew more into the songwriters of the group.

"I always said we weren't that great of singers but my brother is great and i knew he could sing what we were writing," Bill Gaither said. "through the writing and blending the singers, we knew our writing was best.

"Gospel is message driven and articulates ideas and that is what our writing shows."

Prior to the Dodge City show, Gaither Vocal Band will be in Memphis and Kansas City then onto Denver from Dodge.

"We play twice a month during the spring and fall months," Bill Gaither said. "For the summer we play one weekend a month and recently came off our 25th cruise show to the Carribean.

"We just love to do it. The fans that follow us for years give us our private time to enjoy our families and I like to call them fellow pilgrims instead of fans.

"We've written songs for kids to sing in church and I am encouraged to tell parents to tell kids how special they are and to be supportive of kids."

Tickets for Gaither Vocal Band are on sale now and are available at the UWA box office or at

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