Ford County Commissioners approved an invoice from AT&T for services relating to relocating the Ford County Communications department from the Ford County Government Center to the new area in the Emergency Services Complex.

The new complex will be at the tower facility near Walgreen's on Comanche Avenue.

Regarding the date of the relocation of the emergency services department, Ford County Administrator J.D. Gilbert said, "We won’t have a solid date until AT&T assigns a project coordinator to begin the process.

"Once they receive payment from us, they will assign someone and then they will be able to provide us with a more solid time-frame."

The 2018 asphalt program was also approved.

According to Ford County Road and Bridge Superintendent Chris O'Neal, the asphalt program will see 10,000 tons of Cold Mix Asphalt that was purchased from APAC-Kansas used.

"This material will be used to do a three-quarter inch overlay on 125 Road and 125 Spur between Ford and Kingsdown," O'Neal said. "It will also be used to fill potholes throughout the county.

"A total of 215,000 gallons of emulsion oil was purchased from Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions that will be used as tack oil for the overlay on 125 Road and 125 Spur as well as fixing potholes.

"It will also be used along with 5,138 tons of Sealing Sand from Hard Rock Sand and Gravel and 3,185 tons of Sealing Sand from Ford Sand and Gravel to perform conventional sand sealing on 47 miles of asphalt roads throughout the county."

The fate of the old Ford County Health Department facility being sought after by the Ford County Historical Society and Santa Fe Community Corrections, was tabled for further discussion until the April 16 county commission meeting.

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