The Ford County Historical Society is working on the establishment of a Ford County Museum and is seeking individuals from the communities of Spearville, Bucklin, Ford, Bloom, Dodge City, Fort Dodge, Wilroads

Gardens, Wright, Bellefont, Kingsdown, Windhorst, and Howell to become members and help the society further its knowledge of our county’s history.

The FCHS is also seeking a location in the historic district of Dodge City and are excited by the possibility of having space that will allow the society to showcase artifacts and history of each Ford County community.

"So much of our history doesn’t fit with what is currently being displayed," says Kent Stehlik, FCHS President. "We want to create a space that will cover the other aspects of all of our Ford County communities.

"So many are missing. We are the only significant population county in the state that does not have a museum like this, and we believe now is the time to remedy that."

Everyone interested in becoming a member of the FCHS or if they have oral history or artifacts to share, donate or loan, please contact the Ford County Historical Society.

The Ford County Historical Society is a 501c3 a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of the history of Ford County, Kansas. We are supported by the Kansas State Historical Preservation Office.

For more information, visit our worldwide website at