The City of Dodge City is set to host a ribbon cutting celebrating the completion of the Warrior Project Biogas Facility on Saturday, April 14 at 10:30 a.m.

The ribbon cutting will take place at the project site located at 11079 Warrior Road, Dodge City, Kansas and a reception will follow at Boot Hill Museum in the Long Branch Saloon.

In 1984; the City of Dodge City’s South Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed, with an expansion project completed in 2004.

The wastewater treatment plant is a non-discharging facility that treats 5.7 million gallons of waste water a day. Wastewater to the plant comes from National Beef Packing and municipal waste. An anaerobic digestion process produces raw biogas at an average rate of 1.6 million cubic feet of biogas per day.

"That number can rise to over 2.25 million cubic feet of biogas per day in the summer months," said Ray Slattery, Director of Engineering for the City of Dodge City. "For the past 14 years since the completion of an expansion project, City staff has been looking for ways to utilize the raw bio-gas the plant creates."

Utilizing the by-product from the water treatment plant for useful means has the potential to produce revenue as well as cut City expenses, Slattery said.

In March 2016, two years after first requesting proposals for biogas reuse, the City of Dodge City selected Eco-Engineers to spearhead the project. During that same month Jacobs, formerly known as CH2m Hill and the operators of the city’s waste water treatment plants, agreed to operate the Warrior Biogas Reuse Project.

When a final agreement could not be made with Eco-Engineers due to guarantee issues the City cut ties and decided to take on the project on its own. Since then, many agreements have been made ranging from design and construction to the marketing and sale of the purified biogas. Construction of the plant started in August 2017. As of February 2018, the facility started producing pipeline quality biomethane to be sold as a transportation fuel.

"The potential the Warrior project brings will be an immense benefit to our community as a whole," said city manager Cherise Tieben. "The revenue generated will help pay down existing debt, go towards deferred maintenance of infrastructure and help fund future capital improvement projects.

"As well as being another way for Dodge City to utilize resources in an effort to further our stewardship of the environment."

There will be a short ceremony at the Biogas Facility site prior to the ribbon cutting.

Short tours will also be available for the public to learn more about the facility.