It's 5-by-5 art time once again and the art guild silent art auction will be this Saturday at the Depot Theater.

"The 5-by-5 auction is art done on canvas’ that are 5 inches by 5 inches," Depot Theater Guild president Barb Straight said. "The proceeds will go to the Depot Theater Company."

To go along with the 5-by-5 canvases, the price of admission will be $5.55, and the doors will open at 5:55 p.m., and it is being held on May 5.

The auction will mark the 7th year the event has occurred at the Depot.

Funds from the auction will go towards body microphones for the upcoming West Side Story production, a new dish washer, a scholarship for a student participating in performing arts, spot lights, upgrades to sound equipment and kitchen supplies at the Depot.

"We will have five specialty drinks available this year," Straight said. "We have a lot of new artists that have submitted pieces and was able to get one from Stan Herd with the help of guild member Joyce Warshaw.

"She mentioned it only cost her a steak and a drink to get him to submit a piece."

Straight added that close to 50 canvases will be up for auction.

Some of the artists range from local to out of state talent as well as pieces from a couple of 15-year-olds and one 7-year-old.

"The art is incredible quality and the area artists are just wonderful," Straight said. "We will also have five hors d'oeurves being served too to go along with the theme of the evening."

Some of the artists that have submitted pieces are: Alle Craig from Georgia, Missy Trent Lamb from Tonganoxie, John King from Emporia, Tara Hufford Walker from Wichita and Yuri Zupancic from Paris, France, who grew up in Dodge City.

The local and area artists that submitted pieces are: Mandy Peitz, Esther Abbey, Marilyn Williams, Cindy Cammack, Paula Sellens, Martha Kenton, Dorinda Chilton, Stephanie Keller, Susan Bunyan, Dave Wetmore, Joni and Isaac Reiter, Andrea Stegman, Ashley Sites, Judy Bleumer, Jennifer Nolan, Norma Clare, Darleen Clifton Smith and students, Deedee Miller, Mary Eddy, Joanne Clark, Mary Ford, Draven Marshall, Charles Sellens, Melanie Snodgrass, Kate Long, Mary Endrix and Teresa Lovitt.

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