For the first time since May 3, 1971, northbound traffic from Spruce Street to Comanche Street on Central Avenue will become a two-way street.

The two-way was approved by the city commission on Monday and the bid was approved for Building Solutions for $3,807,094.65 to begin construction in August.

The August construction will begin with Vine Street to Comanche Street and will work in three block increments according to director of Engineering Ray Slattery.

"We will start at Comanche Street and work south," Slattery said. "We will be widening the street six feet on each side that will allow two-way traffic as well as parking on either side of the streets.

"One of the big things we saw with doing our study was that many vehicles would be sideswiped along this road and this change will drastically change that."

Slattery also said that regarding the trees in the area, they will be removed and more trees will be planted to replace them.

"The ice storm didn't help the trees any," Slattery said. "And a lot of them are coming up to being 100 years old so we will be replacing those and replanting, which when this road was put in originally, the trees were planted along with them so both are nearing 100 years in existence, so it will be an out with old, in with the new when it comes to the trees."

The commission also approved city staff to reach an agreement with Building Solutions for a complete replacement of the sewer line along Central Avenue instead of just repairs as originally planned.

The engineers estimate for the Central Avenue project came in at $5,066,121 which the Building Solutions bid, the lowest of three submitted bids, came in at $1,259,026.35 less than estimated.

City commissioners also set a public hearing for the Star Bond Adoption for the Power Center Area along 14th Avenue for June 11 at 7 p.m. at City Hall in Dodge City.

The 2018 street program was also approved.

The project will total $4,890,000 with $2,583,900 from the general obligation funds and $650,000 coming from the special streets fund.

Mastic crack sealant and street sealing will take place along with pavement markings along Morgan Boulevard and Ross Boulevard; traffic signal improvements at Comanche Street and 1st Avenue; traffic study for east Trail Street from Underpass Road to the Highway 283 and Highway 56 and US 400 east Trail Street intersection; sidewalk and concrete repairs; Central Avenue and University Drive; Summerlon V street lighting among many other improvements and repairs going in throughout the city.

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