The season ended huge for the Diamond Athletics gym of Dodge City.

Competing in the national competition in Orlando, Florida, the all-star cheerleading squad finished sixth with their Senior Royalty squad placing the gym in the top seven percent of the best competitive teams in the country.

"It’s is a huge honor to earn a bid to even compete there and we were blessed to take three teams," Diamond Athletics owner Valerie Heston said. "You must be in the top percent each day to move on to compete all days at the event and our team had over 54 the first day and made it on to the next day."

Heston said that this year's Diamonds was one of the youngest teams to take to the competition.

The youth team wasn’t able to make it through to day two but the Black Diamonds, the second senior team, scored a 93 out of 100 making it through to day two beating 39 other teams to get there.

The Senior Royalty team posted a 96.87 for the sixth place finish, advancing through all three days.

"This is such a honor to represent Kansas at the competition," Heston said. "This is the highest placement we have ever received as a gym in the past 13 years!

"Seeing how hard they work and are that dedicated to the sport, we love seeing them ranked on top."

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