The Maple Grove Cemetery will be holding Memorial Day services at 10 a.m. on Monday, hosted by the Avenue of Flags Veterans Council and emcee Allen Burkhart, US Navy.

There will be an invocation by Father Robert Schremmer from the St. Andrews Parish in Wright, the Pledge of Allegiance, Ode to Ezekiel by Charles Sealing, US Army.

Kansas Senator Bud Estes will be the guest speaker along with tributes by the VFW Post 1714, American Legion Post 47 and American GI Forum.

The laying of the roses for Vietnam Veterans will be by Jessy Ramos and the Salute to the Colors by the Honor Guard will be by VFW Post 1714.

The 16th annual Memorial Day service at the Kansas Veterans' Cemetery at Fort Dodge will be on Monday at 11 a.m.

The service will feature guest speaker Colonel (Ret) Michael M. Neer, US Army along with Master of Ceremonies, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Lejay Warren, US Army Reserves; US Army, US Marine Corps, US Air Force and Reverend Jerre Nolte.

The National Anthem will be performed by Dodge City Police Department Lt. Jeff Mooradian and the Pledge of Allegiance by Wright Wonder Workers and DIY 4-H Clubs.

There will also be a placing of wreaths, balloon release memorial, Roll Call,  Calvary re-enactment Troop of the Riderless Horse by Calder and Conner McCollum, three Volley Salute provided by the US Marine Corps, music by Dee Dee Royle and Levi Selfridge (bagpipes), Taps by Josh Ralston and the American Legion Riders as well as all other riders that have been invited to attend.

A reception will be held following the services.

Seating will be limited so the public is asked to bring lawn chairs. There will be handicapped parking available near the shelter area.

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