The Dodge City Education Center held its graduation on Sunday, May 20 at the Dodge City High School Auditorium.

The guest speaker was Joe Coles, motivational speaker, consultant and teacher.

Coles congratulated the students on accomplishing something very special.

"By getting their diploma is setting an example for others to follow for many years," he said.

Coles went on to ask the graduates to visualize what is next in their future and visualize their current and future family and how they are going to be difference makers in the world.

Coles then had the students to think about their current and future career and how the students can become difference makers in the world.

Coles had the students visualize success and what their idea of success was and how it is to be accomplished.

Coles used this success technique to that of a flock geese that, "create synergy to accomplish their goals. They work with one another and encourage one another. They sometimes lead and sometimes follow.

"They always work hard to take care of each other."

Coles encouraged the graduates to go out into the world and "Intentionally" make a difference.

"Be like a goose and create synergy," he said.

Those receiving their diploma were, Yajaira Guiris, Darcie Rosales-Burgos, Tiana Elizabeth Botello, Victoria Ann Saldana, Henry Alexander Barrera, Esmeralda Soto Moreno, Sara Craghead-Collins, Antoni Y. Cuevas Marquina, Bree Angelica Looney, Dak A. Deines, Uriel Adame, Maria Del Rosario Barrios, Michelle Lyn Schwartfigure, Jessica Perez, Harlee Elizabeth Borders, Ivan Gerardo Gonzalez Guzman, Angela Marie Doom, Felipe Angel Fairman, Miguel A. Gallardo, Esmeralda Llamas, Courtney Nicole Mild, H. Hugo Rangel, Cassandra Mireya Rodriguez, Samuel Guadalupe Rodriguez-Neave and Raymundo Yeverino.

The Dodge City Education Center is an adult high school diploma program provided through the partnership between Southwest Plains Regional Service Center in Sublette and USD 443.

It is located in the Village Square Mall at 2601 Central Avenue.