The filing deadline for persons wishing to run for the following offices is noon on June 1.

Local offices need to file with the Ford County County Clerk.

State Offices must be filed with the Secretary of State’s Office.

At the local level the offices up for election are: County Commissioner 1st District, and all Township Clerks.

Precinct Committeeman and Committeewoman will be elected at the Aug. 7, Primary Election.

Primary Elections are the way that Democratic and Republican Party’s nominate their candidates to go on to the November Ballot.

To vote in the August Primary you must be a registered Democrat or Republican.

If you are Unaffiliated, you will be required to affiliate with a party on Election Day in August only.

These are party rules.

The last day to change your party if you wish is noon on June 1.

If you are a registered Democrat or Republican and wish to change to the other party to vote in the August Primary, you must do so by noon June 1.

If you are not registered at all, have moved, or had a name change, the last day to register to vote in the August primary is July 18.

Reminder: if you are registering to vote for the first time in the State of Kansas you must provide Proof Of Citizenship.

The offices and positions up for election for the state are: United States Representative, 1st District; Governor/Lt. Governor

Secretary of State; Attorney General; State Treasurer; Commissioner of Insurance State Representatives for districts 115, 117, 119 and Member, State Board of Education, 5th District.

At the local level the following offices and positions up for election are: District Court Judge, 16th District, 1st Division; County Commissioner 1st District; Township Clerk, Bloom Township; Township Clerk, Bucklin Township; Township Clerk, Concord Township; Township Clerk, Dodge Township; Township Clerk, Enterprise Township; Township Clerk, Fairview Township; Township Clerk, Ford Township; Township Clerk, Grandview Township; Township Clerk, Richland Township; Township Clerk, Royal Township; Township Clerk, Sodville Township; Township Clerk, Spearville Township; Township Clerk, Wheatland Township and Township Clerk, Wilburn Township.

The following officers will be elected in each political party, which has qualified to participate in the Primary Election: One Precinct Committeeman in each Precinct and one Precinct Committeewoman in each Precinct.