The Dodge City/Fort Dodge/Cimarron Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association announced on Thursday that the chapter received a $1,500 grant to help in replacing the Fort Dodge story boards that had been originally placed there by the Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Kansas Soldier's Home in the 1990s.

Donations from the Warner family for the hospital board, the Douglas family for the Custer board, Dennis and Joann Sangster for the Parade Ground, the Rod and Debbie Calhoun family for the Store House and Bill and Susan Bunyan for the Barracks and chapter funds, helped finish the project.

Kansas Soldier's Home employees Burk Cummins, Aaron Hayes, James Henning and Josh Bemiss, constructed the framework and mounted the interpretative boards which tell the story of important buildings and places at Fort Dodge.

The historic information contained on the boards was provided by Dr. Leo Oliva, the author of a book about Fort Dodge and he has also written books about other Kansas forts.

The Dodge City/Fort Dodge/Cimarron Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association works to preserve, protect and promote important Santa Fe Trail sites in Ford and Gray Counties.

The chapter has erected 13 story boards at sites such as the Caches, Wright Park, Chilton Park, the Point of Rocks, the Fort Hays — Fort Dodge Military Road and the Lower Crossing of the trail by Mulberry Creek.

Also, the chapter with the help of the City Parks Department restored the Chilton monument and the story boards for Major Chilton and Thomas Fitzpatrick.

A story board was also placed on the Cimarron golf course about the trail ruts there. In addition, a marker was placed on the trail ruts on Burr Parkway.

The chapter meets four times a year and always welcomes new members.

Contact Bill Bunyan at 620-227-8203 if interested.