Doctors and primary care physicians are getting extra assistance when it comes to pain management for their patients.

Kimberly Chestnut and her staff have opened the Pain Management Clinic in Dodge City, located in the former Women's Center location on Ross Boulevard.

Chestnut is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and will be working on a referral-basis only when it comes to treating patients for chronic pain.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then on to Phoenix, Arizona, Chestnut is a retired U.S. Army Captain and graduate of Drexel University in anesthesia.

"I began pain management about three years ago," Chestnut said. "Coming here it has been in the works for about 10 months now.

"It's been a collaboration of many, many people to get here."

Chestnut moved to Dodge City with her family to be closer to family in that live in the area.

The clinic at this time will be open two days a week for the time being with expansion of days coming in the future as more patients are referred in.

Chestnut was working out of Western Plains Medical Complex for the past five months while a location for the clinic was finalized.

"We will have procedure days both days," Chestnut said. "It will be procedures starting at 8 a.m. and running until 4 to 5 p.m.

"Primary care physicians send me the orders, we get the patient scheduled in then will do post-op follow ups during procedure days as well.

"We are very hands-on here, I know I coddle these patients, they're mine. So I am very much in touch with them. I call patients back, it's not just my staff that will do it. I am very thorough with my patients and I educate them on the diagnostic studies, the procedure itself.

"If you were to talk to my patients they would say they would be able to tell you what their MRI said after I am done talking with them and how I will attempt to fix what their MRI is telling me."

One of the more common issues Chestnut sees patients for is acute sciatica as well as joint pain, especially within the farming community, and migraine management.

"Farmers wear their joints out," Chestnut said. "That is just the nature of the beast. We do a lot of hip and knee injections with the farmers."

Another focus of Chestnut is being a non-narcotic-based provider for pain management.

"We believe in non-narcotic practice," Chestnut said. "I do not foster opioid prescriptions in any way, shape or form.

"I will not call their primary care and ask for a prescription for narcotics.

"The way I treat pain is through steroids and local anesthetic. With my hip injections, as soon as they step off the table they are 99.99 percent pain free immediately.

"I can treat joint pains in a non-narcotic fashion and I do believe in releasing patients from being bound to prescriptions the rest of their lives."

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