On June 8, we called 911 and Hutchinson EMTs were dispatched from the Hutchinson hospital. Upon their arrival, they were quick to see just how serious our situation was and immediately declared a code red. 

What a blessing these EMTs were! During all the confusion and some difficult tasks in getting the patient to the hospital, I asked for a minute to pray. The EMTs asked if they could pray with me!

I loved that they did that! Nate Hawkinson and Alex Schmitt didn't hesitate to join, and Nate said the prayer without a second thought. Their boss also was excellent in how she handled everything. 

They were here a little less than an hour before everything fell into place and we went off to the hospital.

After talking with a doctor and a surgeon, they determined that the patient needed surgery. That emergency surgery saved his life! The EMTs knew something like this would happen, which was why there was such urgency in getting to the emergency room. Now, the patient is recovering.

This group of individuals literally saved his life! I have to give high thanks to this EMT team -- what a blessing they were to all of us that evening.

They are totally dedicated, educated and caring for their patients.

Terri Lohmeyer