For the third year, the Dodge Daytona Charger Group made a donation to the Meadowlark House Child Advocacy Center in Dodge City during its annual car show on June 16.

More than $800 in total was raised to the Meadowlark House with half being funds and the other being snacks, toys and drinks for children.

"We received so many snacks from the group we had to split them between being stored here at the house and the Dodge City Police Department," Meadowlark House child advocate Susie Antosh said. "Donations are so important to us because we are funded through grant programs so the donation is so beneficial to the kids and families that have to come in here."

Since 1999, the Meadowlark House in Dodge City has provided assistance for a safe environment to abused and neglected children and families.

Working with the Dodge City Police Department, Ford County Sheriff’s Office and Department of Children and Families, the Meadowlark House’s mission is to promote prevention, education and intervention services to those children and families.

During the car show, award winners were also announced along side the donation.

The winner for Best in Show was Heather Hulmes from Rockton, Illinois, and Farthest Traveled was Peter Clemente from New York, New York, traveling 1,550 miles to attend the car show.

"There were only 219 miles between the top two who traveled the farthest," Convention and Visitors Bureau tourism coordinator Megan Welsh said.

The cars featured were Dodge Charger Daytona's from 2006 through 2009.

The cars are limited edition models that all have the same body but have a limited production number that is on the dash to see how many were made.

"A few other models made it to the show," Welsh said. "Two were 2018 models and one was from 2014.

"In all there were 14 states represented and one from Canada. Talking with a few of the (car) owners, they said they really enjoyed their time in Dodge City and the hospitality that the community provided."

Welsh added that a few of the 22 car owners of the show were involved for the first time and, according to organizer Klint Edwards, the roundup will return to Dodge City in 2019.

"During one of their first shows," Welsh said, "the group told us they wanted to give back to a charity in town as a way of giving back.

"We provided them a list of local charities and once they heard what the Meadowlark House was all about, they said that was who they wanted to help."

When children and families are involved at the Meadowlark House, it could take hours for the proper interviews to take place and be concluded.

"The snacks will work great for the kids while they are here," Antosh said. "Sometimes we have to interview multiple kids so while they are here obviously the kids get hungry and it something for us to be able to provide them.

"We also let the kids take one toy with them as they leave to end it on a positive note for them.

"So the group got us all kinds of new toys and all colors for any kid to enjoy."

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