It was a battle for corporate and city bragging rights as the Pepsi Dog Day Afternoon and Wacky Trike Race was held in Wright Park on Thursday.

The race is built of four-person corporate teams who face off riding adult-sized tricycle bikes.

This year saw 28 teams competing.

Some of the teams involved were from defending champions City Hall, a few teams from Arrowhead West, Miss Rodeo contestants, Gibson's Pharmacy and Landmark and Centera Banks.

Along with the race was the Pepsi Dog Day Afternoon event where those who attended were served hot dogs, chips and a drink for $1.

The final four consisted of BlackJacks Liquor facing City Parks and Recreation Team One and New Chance Team 2 making through into the finals due to a forfeit.

BlackJacks Liquor and New Chance faced off in the finals with BlackJacks Liquor taking the trophy.

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