Besides the act of voting, certain activities are, and are not allowed in or near the polling place, although they may be restricted and in many cases they will not occur at all.

The Ford County Election Officer must be in control of operation of all polling locations. It is also the duty of the Supervising Judge to follow the direction of the County Election Officer for the operation of the polling place. It is the policy of the Ford County Election Officer

What is allowed and what should be done:

Observation by Authorized poll agents: A person that states they are a poll agent must show that they have been appointed and must file with the County Election Office.

They must carry their authorization forms with them. They must wear a badge, issued by the County Election officer.

Poll agents may not participate in the administration of ballots of the ballot counting and tabulating processes. They may not handle ballots (except for Sample ballots) the Supervising Judge may ask the agents to leave the polling place for improper behavior.

Media: The media may request to visit polling places; they should request the visit before the election.

They must check in with the Election Officer or Supervising Judge at the polling location. They may not take a photo of a ballot. They must stay at least four feet away from the poll booths if they are taking photos. They may ask questions of voters if they are 250 feet away from the opening of the polling location.

Questions could lead to electioneering or look like electioneering.

Election Observers: In some cases, political organizations will request permission from the county election officer or the SOS to observe the voting process.

Permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis, All such groups must check in with the County Election Officer and the Supervision Judge at the polling location.

What is not allowed: No person or persons should just be standing around talking in the polling location. They should vote and leave. The supervision judge will ask them to leave if they are done voting.

In all cases of polling place visitors, the person or persons should first check in with the County Election Officer and then the Supervision Judge at the polling location.

Electioneering rules are always in effect.

No discussions of anything on the ballots are allowed by anyone. Any such discussions must take place outside the 250-foot radius of the entrance of the polling place.

No photographs or videos of ballots or of voters in the act of voting.

Must stay no closer than three feet away from the voting booth.

No one may hinder or obstruct a voter entering or exiting a polling place or during the act of voting, or hinder poll workers in the performance of their duties

The Supervising Judge will ask anyone violating the policy to leave the polling location and report to the Election officer if there was a problem at the polling location.