At a special Dodge City Community College board meeting on Friday, DCCC Board of Trustees voted unanimously to change helicopter providers for the flight program.

In a 7-0 vote, Quantum Helicopters was named the new provider replacing Universal Helicopter.

"We couldn't wait to vote during the Tuesday trustee meeting to get the change in place before the fall semester," DCCC administration provost Adam John said. "Quantum Helicopter will provide the same level of training but at a significant reduced cost to the student."

The board of trustees voted to terminate the current contract with Universal Helicopter then followed that up with the approval to change providers.

According to their website, Quantum Helicopters has grown to be one of the busiest and most respected helicopter flight training schools in the nation since it began in 1993.

Located in Chandler, Arizona, graduates are recognized within the industry for being among the best-trained and most professional, and as a result, are in high demand.

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