City commissioners approved the 2019 budget Monday evening.

The budget will have one mill levy less than 2018 coming in at 47.745.

According to city staff, some of the assumptions used to develop the budget include: Assessed Valuation of $159,265,250 which is a 2.00 percent increase from the 2017 assessed valuation of $154,753,278.

The sales tax revenue projection in 2019 is $4,716,000 in the general fund.

Going forward, city staff and commissioners said they will be working towards taking the mill levy down to 45.

"In order to make that happen we have to have growth," Mayor Kent Smoll said. "Buying local will help us with that."

City commissioners also approved a bid from APAC Kansas Shears Division for the 2018 Asphalt Street program.

The bid is for $404,163.50.

Commissioners approved the bid despite it being one percent higher than Klotz Sand.

"If we went with Klotz Sand, the project would not start until March 2019 where the APAC bid would start on Sept. 4 this year," civil engineer Tanner Rutschman said.

According to city manager Cherise Tieben, there is not a policy in place that the city is required to accept low bids.

"By starting the project in September," Rutschman said, "it doesn't allow for the possibility for more damage to take place to the streets compared to if we started next spring."

The asphalt projects are: Full Depth Reconstruction, Academy Avenue; Hennessy Street to the north end of Gary Avenue; Frontview Street to Mellane Street; Mill and Inlay: Avenue F, Division Street to Comanche Street; St. Joseph Street from Avenue A to the east end of Sycamore Street; south 2nd Avenue to Minneola Road; on Spruce Street from 12th Avenue to 9th Avenue and Asphalt Overlay on Linn Street from Greenwood Avenue to Overhill Road.

The asphalt project was approved with a 4-1 vote with Commissioner Rick Sowers the lone nay vote.

The commissioners also approved unanimously a change order to the Central Avenue construction project of $102,524 and an additional five calendar days of completion for additional work.

"During excavation at Comanche Street and Central, we had to replace a 16-inch water valve that was leaking as well as a 10-inch valve that needed replaced," director of engineering Rat Slattery said. "We had to adjust the storm sewer and add an adjunction box for the stop light.

"We will also be placing cluster boxes along Central Avenue for residents to access their mail with the post office instead of having to pick up their mail at the post office if they so choose."

The change order will also be a change to the sub-grade treatment to crushed concrete that will come from the concrete picked up from the construction site.

Commissioners also approved the purchase of 300 water meters from Municipal Supply that is the only supplier of Neptune Meters.

The purchase was for $76,000.

The commission also approved a lase agreement with Western State Bank for a Rosenbauer 100-foot Aerial Fire Truck not to exceed $934,995.

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