Community housing projects took up most of the city commission meeting agenda on Monday.

Community Housing Association of Dodge City, Wagon Wheel addition, Candletree #8 and a commercial zoning change to residential, were all  topics addressed.

The commercial zone change was for 2.54 acres of land to an R-3 residential higher density zone for multi-family development.

The 2.54 acres is between Ross Boulevard and Canterbury Road west of Avenue A and east of Cannery Row.

According to planning and zoning director of development services Kevin Israel, it is unclear at this time at the type of housing development that will be planned for the area.

The zoning change was approved unanimously.

City officials approved the support of applying for a $250,000 grant for the abandoned housing program.

"Last year when we applied for the grant it was for $100,000," housing special projects coordinator Mollea Wainscott said. "That grant went towards the housing development on Mulberry Circle that was part of the partnership with Dodge City Community College."

With the housing shortage still an issue in Dodge City, the housing department is continuing to strive on bringing more housing to the community.

With the application for the grant, the housing program will seek a developer to partner with through CHAD and the Moderate Income Housing Program.

Commissioners also approved an internal improvements resolution for the Wagon Wheel addition housing development.

According to city officials, the city will issue temporary notes, general obligation bonds to cover the costs of the improvements and the bond payments will be made through special assessments to the benefit district and the increment property taxes in the Rural Housing Incentive District will go to pay back the special assessments.

The improvements to the housing addition began with a petition from Tim Volz in October 2017 for the amount of $795,000.

However, the estimate of the first improvement for the subdivision was based on the costs of construction for water, sewage and streets. The newly submitted petition was for $925,000 that added engineering, design, drainage and street lighting to the project.

With approving the resolution, city staff will then issue temporary notes later this fall for the improvements to the district.

Two special assessment proceedings were also approved for Candletree #8 and the McDonald's on Wyatt Earp.

The process for the assessments will the application of the final costs to the completed projects along with approving the assessment rolls and the setting of a public hearing for the community for the Sept. 4 city commission meeting.

With the Candletree assessment, the RHID for the project will be used for the increment property tax to pay for the special assessment.

The McDonald's special assessment payment will come from the Community Incentive District that was put in place for the project.

Commissioners also approved the purchase of a Jacobsen Eclipse 322 Hybrid mower for Mariah Hills Golf Course for $35,200 from KGT out of Wichita.

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