FOWLER — In an era of new technologies and new industries, schools in Kansas are looking for ways to better prepare students for the new workforce. Research done with businesses right here in Kansas tells us that our students are not leaving high school with the employability skills that they need, like time management, problem solving and communication skills.

We all recognize that our world is changing at a rapid pace. Educators have the challenge of preparing our students for jobs that don’t yet exist, in industries that have yet to be created.

This is a challenge that several school districts across the state are taking on with school "Redesign". Fowler School District has accepted this challenge. The goal was to design a school that incorporated the necessary skills to flourish now, and to prepare students for their future.

Fowler Schools have been at the forefront of this redesign and are leading the way for other schools to follow.

Fowler Schools has adopted some key components to enable students to succeed: Mentorship-Students will have personal attention from their teachers that will help create a relationship and bond to advance their academic, social and emotional needs. Mentors will know their students, their families, their needs and their dreams, and help create a plan for them to achieve success.

Personalization-Students education will be tailored to their academic needs. Some students need acceleration, some students need extra help but all students need a purpose for what they are learning, and they need to know how to achieve their goals. Fowler Schools are set up so that each student gets the personal attention that they need to achieve success.

Project based learning-Students learn best by doing. In Fowler, much of the educational process involves applying the knowledge and skills of what they learn to a real life scenario. Students are immersed into real life application to demonstrate and learn in a real environment.

Experiences-Students need to have experiences to help them process their learning and to create connections for future learning. Fowler Schools are creating opportunities to experience the world beyond the schoolhouse doors. To see things, to hear things, to touch things that others may only see in a book or a picture. This creates a rich academic experience that enhances learning.

Fowler School District is committed to the process of creating a school system in which all children feel welcomed, supported and challenged. Anyone wishing to have a tour of the school or speak with administrators about the full redesign plan are encouraged to contact the school district. To view the complete redesign plan you can go to