Third Avenue has seen in a change in the past couple of weeks as a part of Salsa Man has been taken down.

Salsa Man is owned by the Dodge City Area Arts Council and has a similar statue called Mobil Man that has been set up in Haskell County.

He was created by late Hollywood actor Hopper who was born in Dodge City and made the statues after seeing similar ones in California based on multiple muffler men variations.

But now Salsa Man needs some help.

The Dodge City Area Arts Council is needing assistance with repairs and Dodge City Brewing has jumped on board with a little help from its patrons.

"We were sitting with a group of friends at the brewery one evening talking about Salsa Man and the costly repairs needed," Dodge City Brewing co-owner Sheri Cook said. "Someone mentioned something about pretending to kidnap Salsa Man and writing a ransom note to raise money to help with the cost of repairs.

"We set a date for a potluck dinner and created the ransom note which was quickly shortened due to the amount of letters and space needed.

"We hope people enjoy the humor behind the fundraising effort and help with the 'ransom' funds."

A jar is set up at the brewery that is taking funds to go towards repairs.

Additional donations can also be made at Carnegie Center for the Arts.

According to Bobbi Brown with the Carnegie Arts Center, the artist that is working on Salsa Man is out of town for the time being and the project for the repairs is not set to be completed until mid-September.

Inga Ojala from Summerville, Oregon, specializes in repairing fiberglass sculptures.

The Mobil Man on display in Haskell County was repainted by Ojala as well.

According to city special projects coordinator Melissa McCoy, originally it was though that only the tray needed repaired but after further investigation it was noted that there was some severe damage to the hat as well as the serape and upper torso.

"So, the cost for repairs and labor increased from the original proposal," McCoy said. "Even though we had a mild winter, the gusty Kansas winds were hard on the 26-foot tall giant.

The Carnegie Center for the Arts loves having La Salsa Man on 3rd Avenue close to the action of downtown and to their building however, the board is now considering an indoor location to help protect and preserve La Salsa Man.

"But, they would want this to be a place that is accessible to the public."

The Tourism Task Force has donated $525 to assist with the repairs and the cost for the final repairs comes to $1,197.54.

Today, Dodge City Brewing will be donating a $1 from each full-pour beer to go towards the cost of the repairs.

The brewery started the $1 pour campaign on Wednesday.

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