City commissioners on Monday approved the professional services of Olsson Associates to perform an assessment of Trail Street on east Trail Street from Underpass Road towards the Highway 400/283/56 intersection for traffic.

According to director of engineering Ray Slattery, the traffic assessment will be done to make needed improvements to the movement of traffic in the area.

City officials also indicated that they met with National Beef regarding the traffic assessment and National Beef stated they are also looking to expand their driveway to accommodate truck traffic in and out of National Beef.

With the expansion of National Beef, the traffic assessment will take into account traffic, especially turning movements, along with counting cars, along Trail Street and come up with an estimate of what traffic would look like in 20 years based on the data collected.

"The same assessment was done when McDonald's was put in on Central Avenue," Slattery said.

Olsson Associates will provide a concept or two of possible improvements, once all the data is complied and the concepts will go towards budgeting purposes as well as possible partnering with National Beef.

Funds for the services will not exceed $25,800 and will come from the Street Programs budget.

City commissioners also approved the refurbishment of the ball fields at Thurow Park in the amount of $28,000.

The materials excavated from Legends Park will be used to refurbish the fields.

Parks and Recreation director Troy Brown said the material from the excavation was still in good shape and was saved after Legends Park was turned into a turf field.

The project is estimated to be completed by the end of November with an Oct. 10 start date.

City commissioners also approved the purchase of three vehicles for the parks department.

A one ton dually parks truck was purchased for $27,979 from Lewis Chevrolet with an additional purchase of $7,275 from Cofer Sales for a dump bed.

The second was for a forestry truck for $25,503 from Lewis Chevrolet and the third was an athletic field maintenance truck for $30,756 from G&G.

All approvals were made unanimously.

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