A partnership between the Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce, the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation, and the Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau has resulted in an informational presentation from the Kansas Highway Patrol concerning safety, as the "Kansas Active Shooter Mitigation Program" is set for 10 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 3, at the Boot Hill Casino and Resort Conference Center.

The program will be provided free of charge, with the deadline for registration set for Sept. 28.

"We began to speak about the need for this a few months back, after there had been some horrific national incidents of this nature, and we began discussing that this could happen anywhere and that it would be a good topic to present to the community," said Jan Stevens, Director of the Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau. "We don’t think about this being here, and we hope it never happens, but being ready for this tragic phenomenon, and having a plan if it does, will make us better prepared, overall."

"While this program will not address individual business safety assessments, we will have the Dodge City Police Department, and the Ford County Sheriff's Office on hand for questions and discussion on how you can get a schedule from them to walk through your place of business, based on your location, either inside or outside the city limits," said Joann Knight, Executive Director, of the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation.

Tara Burkhart, President of the Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce, describes the presentation as a must-see for those who deal with the public on a regular basis.

"The presentation is addressing crisis planning, active shooter awareness, and will help our retail business, local attractions, and venue sites explore options of safety if they are ever faced with this tragic situation," Burkhart said.

Micheal Racy, along with Tod Hileman, Technical Troopers, with the Kansas Highway Patrol will present information on this pivoting topic.

In 2013, the Kansas Highway Patrol was asked by the governor to address this concern in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting. Since that time, other active shooter incidents have taken place, making this presentation an important safety awareness program.

To register for the program, contact the Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce, at 620-227-3119.

This training is available to all Dodge City and Ford County businesses.