The Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame Committee requests nominations of living or deceased individuals for consideration for induction into the Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Any organization or individual may nominate a qualified person for consideration. The Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame Committee meets annually to evaluate and determine inductees.

Nomination forms may be requested through Boot Hill Museum, Inc., Front Street, Dodge City, Kansas 67801.

Forms must be received by Sept. 28, for induction consideration for 2018.

Individuals or organizations nominating a person(s) are requested to submit supplementary supporting information. Any materials submitted will be stored within the Boot Hill Museum, Inc. files and will not be returned to the nominating individuals or organizations.

Nominated inductees will be evaluated and selected by a majority vote of the Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame Committee.

No more than one award from each category will by inducted annually.

The 2018 induction ceremony will take place at a location designated by Boot Hill Museum, Inc., in Dodge City, on Saturday, Nov. 17.

The Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame Awards will be presented to the honoree, or to a designated representative.

Criteria for Inductees

Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees will be selected after the evaluation of the following: Significant contributions to the western heritage lifestyle, past or present, and to the preservation of the cowboy culture in Kansas; Personifies the cowboy ideals of integrity, honesty, and self-sufficiency; Achievement of state-wide historic significance and native and/or resident of Kansas.

Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductees will be honored in the following five categories: Working Cowboy — The Working Cowboy or Cowgirl is an individual whose primary lifetime occupation is in the cattle industry or related field. They earn a paycheck for a job well done, as a feed yard cowboy, a ranch hand/foreman, a horse trainer or related job.

Rodeo Cowboy — The Rodeo Cowboy or Cowgirl participates or contributes to the sport of rodeo. Rodeo participants, rodeo clowns, announcers, producers, promoters, stock contractors or similar, that have excelled in competition or advancement of the sport will be considered for Rodeo Cowboy.

Rancher/Cattleman — The Rancher/Cattleman is the proprietor of a business that directly relates to the ranching/livestock industry. This individual has excelled in the production and stewardship of cattle, horses, or sheep on our native range lands or feed yards of Kansas.

Cowboy Historian — The Historian is an individual that serves as a guardian of the authentic story of the American/Kansas Cowboy.

Their efforts have been directed towards recording, preserving and sharing the Kansas Cowboy’s history and history of the Old West.

This individual may be an author, curator, storyteller, researcher, scholar or educator.

Cowboy Entertainer/Artist — The Cowboy Entertainer/Artist is an individual or group, male or female that promotes the cowboy lifestyle through their art or craft.

These may include singer/songwriter, artist/craftsman, painter/sculptor, saddle/boot maker, performer, producer, TV/movie personality or other related activities.

Application Procedure

Please send the following with each document clearly identified with the nominee’s name: A completed nomination form; A letter(s) of nomination – submit at least one and not more than five; A detailed biography; Copies of supporting material i.e. newspaper clippings, magazine articles, awards or photos.

Each piece of supporting material must be clearly marked with the name of the nominee. Copies are recommended. All original material sent will be considered a donation and will be held in the files at Boot Hill Museum.

Send them to The Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Boot Hill Museum, Inc.

Front Street, Dodge City, KS 67801.

Applications may be sent electronically to

Boot Hill Museum will not be responsible for undelivered mail.

To assure the delivery, please request a return receipt for postal or email.

Applications received after the deadline will be filed and considered for the following year.

Applicants not selected may be considered for subsequent years.