Boot Hill Distillery keeps working to bring local liquor flavor of all kinds to Dodge City and beyond.

On Sept. 14, the distillery will be releasing its latest gin, Experimental Batch 003: Barreled Gin.

"It's finally here," distillery marketing director Mark Vierthaler said. "Starting at noon people can pick up their very own bottle and enjoy some amazing cocktails mixed with this unique tipple.

"There will only be 264 bottles available." To come up with the gin, the distillery mixed the batch of its New Western Dry Gin, into four used Red Eye Whiskey barrels and let it sit for seven months.

"The end result is a lightly tannic, beautifully complex gin with hints of oak, vanilla and bitter orange," Vierthaler said. "People can mix it in high-end cocktails, or simply sip neat like their favorite whiskey. The  New Western Dry Gin is a national award-winning gin. The distillery last released new batches in November 2017 with a bourbon and a 100 percent wheat whiskey in December 2017.

They also released Boot Hill Distillery Gin in October 2017.

You must be 21 years of age or older to try out and purchase Experimental Batch 003: Barreled Gin.

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