Ryan Salinas just knew SunPorch of Dodge City would get a good report card from the state of Kansas. And he was right.

As administrator at SunPorch, 501 W. Beeson Rd., Salinas had confidence in his team before and during the time surveyors from the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services came to visit recently.

"I know our team has worked so hard and been so focused on the care of our elders," Salinas said. "The fact that state surveyors found only two deficiencies is testament to this group’s commitment to caring for our elders.

"We submitted our ‘plan of correction’ to KDADS and it was approved immediately.

"This official grade card from our licensing agency was a refreshing outcome. The staff knows they are doing a great job but it is comforting to have those feelings validated."

The Skilled Nursing Home Health Survey was conducted under updated state regulations.

"The new process allows surveyors the opportunity to use the critical-thinking skills they use every day as nurses," Salinas said. "This was an audit, not a criminal investigation. And we appreciate that KDADS surveyors treated our staff with respect."

Salinas also gives much credit to SunPorch for the survey outcome and day-to-day successes.

"All of us appreciate SunPorch leaders who help us reach our goal of providing high-quality care every day," he added. "SunPorch zeroes in on implementing programs that allow our elders to have the best life possible. It takes the entire team to achieve these outstanding survey results."

John Grace, SunPorch executive director, noted that the positive state inspection reflects the quality of care for elders.

"The survey is indicative of the major changes in the day-to-day care and services at SunPorch of Dodge City," Grace said. "Ryan Salinas and his entire team have implemented these changes during the past year.

"Our dedicated team has worked hard to create a new culture of loving services since the change of ownership last October. We will continue to seek ways to improve care for our elders."