APAC-Kansas plans on working in three locations in town on this day. They plan to start removing the asphalt pavement on Academy Avenue from Hennessy Street to the north end of the street.

Once the existing pavement is removed the street will be closed to traffic until the new asphalt base is placed.

This should take place on Thursday and the street work completed by afternoon on Friday, Sept. 21, weather permitting.

APAC will also remove the pavement on Gary Avenue from Frontview Road to Mellane Street on either Monday, Sept. 17 or Tuesday, Sept. 18.

The plan is to have this section of roadway reopened by evening on Friday, Sept. 21, weather permitting.

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, APAC will perform a mill operation on Avenue F from Division Street to Comanche Street. This will involve removing one and a half inches of the existing pavement. Once the pavement is removed APAC will place a new two-inch thick asphalt driving surface.

The street will be closed to traffic during construction operations but should be opened to traffic each night.

Work will take place on the following streets over the next few weeks: St. Joseph St. from Avenue A to East End; Sycamore Street from 2nd Avenue to Minneola Road; Spruce Street from 12th Avenue to 9th Avenue; Longbranch Road from 14th Avenue to Masterson Avenue and Ash Street from 9th Avenue to 7th Avenue.

Future notices on these streets will be sent out as work progresses to them.

On these, the construction process will be similar to that of Avenue F, which means these streets or portions will be closed temporarily when work is taking place.