Bloomsburg is the only incorporated "town" in Pennsylvania, however the community in southern Ford County which derives its name from the Pennsylvania burg is unincorporated.

In the early 1880's Thomas J. Vanderslice and his four brothers settled on a spot along the Fort Dodge-Camp Supply road. Here, they dug a well and erected a windmill. The area soon became a popular stopping spot for those traveling the road. The brothers named the locale Bloomsburg after their hometown in Pennsylvania. Later, the name was shortened to simply "Bloom."

The town got its first post office in 1885. Hopes ran high for Bloom and, in May 1887, the South Arkansas Town Company hired a surveyor to plat the town. Things took a dramatic turn for the settlement when the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad reached the area on its westward expansion in 1888. The tracks were south of the original settlement and residents moved a number of homes and businesses closer to the rail line.

Meanwhile the Vanderslice brothers returned to Pennsylvania and S.O. Albright eventually purchased their land.

By this time, the town possessed a hotel, three grocery stores and a school. Never growing to more than a small village, the post office closed on April 30, 1891. Drought took its toll leaving the town no longer active by 1893. Only the families of S.O. Albright and Oscar J. Andrews and a number of ranchers remained.

In 1904, the post office reopened and cattlemen in the area needed a store. In response, S.O. Albright opened one in 1908. Within a couple years other businesses, including a blacksmith shop, followed. Bloom reached its height in the 1930's with a few hundred residents, a hotel, gas station, restaurant and lumberyard along with its post office.

However, the passing decades were not kind to Bloom and again the town lost population. Its public school unified with Minneola in the fall of 1964. In about 1966, the Bloom Methodist Church merged with the one in Minneola. And the post office permanently closed in 1992.

Today Bloom has less than 50 residents. The only open business is the Minneola Coop, Inc. grain elevator, which serves the wheat farmers and ranchers that surround the small town. A reminder of Bloom's glory days is the still standing original Rock Island Depot.