The Ford County voting results were easy to name winners for the 2018 election, at least in the local races.

All candidates for the townships, Ford County Commission 1st District and the state representatives ran unopposed.

For the Kansas House of Representatives District 119, Brad Ralph received 3,604 votes with 135 write-ins.

For the Kansas House of Representatives District 115, Boyd received 1,272 votes with 35 write-ins.

For the Kansas House of Representatives District 117, Leonard Mastroni received 906 votes with six write-ins.

For District 1 Ford County Commissioner, Shawn Tasset received 1,663 votes with 27 write-ins.

For District 16 District Court Judge Division 1, Sidney Thomas received 5,767 votes with 145 write-ins.

In the gubernatorial race, Ford County voters voted 3,484 in favor of Republican Kris Kobach; 2,407 for Democrat Laura Kelly; 747 for Independent Greg Orman; 123 for Libertarian Jeff Caldwell; 37 for Independent Rick Kloos and eight write-ins.

Kelly was named the winner of the race with 489,337 total votes.

Kobach received 443,346 total votes; Orman received 66,163 total votes; Caldwell received 18,898 total votes and Kloos received 6,232 total votes.

In the "Big First" U.S. Congressional District, the vote tally from Ford County were 4,336 in favor of incumbent Roger Marshall and 2,368 for Democrat Alan LaPolice with 12 write-ins.

Marshall won the race with a total of 149,708 votes and LaPolice receiving 69,076.

For the state treasurer and Kansas Secretary of State races, Republican Jake LaTurner won treasurer with 584,039 total votes over Democrat Marci Francisco with 421,425 votes.

Republican Scott Schwab defeated Democrat Brian McClendon for Kansas Secretary of State with 536,472 total votes to 441,444.

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