The Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas awarded many grants to area organizations.

Among them was District 8, American Legion Auxiliary.

Past President Paula Sellens applied for a $1,000 grant to help her continue and expand a creative arts program for veterans at Ft. Dodge.

Sellens uses creative arts as a therapeutic tool for the veterans. Creative arts enable veterans to express themselves in non-verbal ways. People with Alzheimer or dementia can benefit by participating in visual art experiences.

The Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas provides a vehicle for area residents to make lasting gifts. The foundation pools the assets and interests of people who want to increase the impact of their contributions.

The income from pooled assets is granted to organizations that serve the best interests of Southwest Kansas.

"I think that everyone who has made a contribution to the Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas is pleased that they have contributed to the well being of veterans," Sellens said. "On behalf of these veterans, I extend my sincere thanks."

The art project continues to evolve and grow. This past year, Sellens organized an effort to get many of the finished projects entered into the Ford County Fair.

Many Ft. Dodge residents won ribbons and cash prizes. Residents are very happy with their fair entry results. They are still taking about it and looking forward to the next event.

Sellens anticipates using a portion of the grant award to create an in-house art show at Ft. Dodge.